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Postby R.Riel » Fri Apr 23, 2010 12:45 am

Hey all,
So progress was made tonight. The car is nearly wired, after hours of work we finally got the injectors to cooperate. Now the coils are the problem, however i'm confident Matt Casey and I can troubleshoot them tomorrow night.

On a side note, when i needed a break i had this really cool idea, convert my flux core wire welder into a mig. So i found some odds and ends around the shop and fitted them together. The results were amazing, the weld was nice and clean in comparison to what the welder spits out usually. Sam's really gunna enjoy this one:

What you're looking at:

a collet with a barb that directs Co2 from one of the paintball tanks around the welder tip.


This is no millermatic :lol: , but considering im running flux wire dc pos, and a full co2 mix, this isnt that bad, i think this might be a possible mod later on
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